Say No to Heavy Displays of Emotion Early On

Do your emotions run high during dating? For many of us, they do! Do you often find yourself in emotionally charged situations with your new man early on? If you’re not able to stay cool and show some patience in dating, then you could be making things difficult for yourself and end up driving him away. Find out why you must say no to emotional displays early on and learn to keep your cool if you want to get your guy.

Dating Drama and the Emotional Roller Coaster

For many women, dating can be an emotional roller coaster – the heady highs of feeling close followed by crashing lows as he pulls away. And so the drama ensues. The reason why we get so heated during dating is that we become heavily invested in the relationship far too early on. We meet a guy and we want so much for it to work. But when we feel him pulling away, as he inevitably will, we get scared of losing the thing that we feel so attached to – our new relationship. Our fears unleash our raw emotions. Then we find it difficult not to lose our cool with him and let him know how much he means to us.

You Must Show Him That You are Emotionally Stable Early On

Unfortunately emotional displays are a no-no during early dating. To make a man fall in love with you, it is essential that you let him see that you are emotionally stable at the beginning of a relationship. If you allow him to feel the full weight of your emotions before he knows you properly, you will frighten him off. It is important to realise that in every new relationship, there will be a time where he pulls away – if you can’t stay cool then at least learn to hide your over-emotional reaction from him. Don’t let him see you panic. If you want to keep him, you must stay in control at all times. So, learn to stay cool and wait for him to return.

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Your Communication Style will Draw Him Close or Push Him Away

The way that you communicate and interact with a man early on has a tremendous effect on your desirability. When he hardly knows you, every communication has the effect of either drawing him in closer or pushing him further away. The problem is that female emotions can be scary territory for men. He doesn’t want to see you at your worst when he hardly knows you at your best.

If you have a problem with him, you can communicate it in a positive and mature manner which indicates that you understand that what he wants is important too. This includes being open to the possibility that the relationship won’t work out. If you let him know that you can’t survive without him, then that is a heavy responsibility for any man to carry. Under the burden of such a strain, a man is likely to value his freedom more than ever.

Much of the communication that goes on in dating is subconscious – it happens below the surface and either partner may just be aware of a nagging doubt going on in their mind but may not be able to put their finger on exactly what they are feeling. When you get overly emotional with him you are communicating that his meeting your wishes is very important to you (and more important than him meeting his own wishes). Learn to recognise your emotional triggers and find ways to deal with them when they happen in the future. Whatever words you are using, your actions communicate your value and intentions on a much deeper level.

Stop Attaching So Early in Relationships

As women, we are more prone to becoming attached to a relationship before a man. It is therefore important to let him drive the pace and intensity at the beginning of the relationship. Until he has formed an emotional attachment to you, it is not wise to show him the full range of your emotions. However much you want to be yourself or want a “real man”, crying, shouting or getting angry at him will just drive him away.

Get This! – Acting on Negative Impulses Early On WILL Lose You the Guy

Dating is a time when our negative emotions can be tried and tested to their limits. If you want to get that guy, you must learn to keep yours in check early on after meeting him. Let him get to know the positive side of you and form a level of attachment to you before you give these a free reign. Acting on negative impulses early in a relationship is likely to lose you the guy so stay cool and say no to heavy displays of negative emotions. Learning to communicate how you feel in a constructive manner will be beneficial to any relationship so make this area of your life something that you continue to work on.

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